Cabbage Soup Diet: Is it Effective?

Everybody dreams to have ideal body weight, fit to any size of clothes, and look very slim with flat belly.  But not all people are lucky enough to have that ideal appearance. Some of them have to work very hard to reach their ideal body weight by applying various diets. One of the diet plans that becomes a trend in 2017 is cabbage diet soup. This kind of diet becomes very popular because it is quite easy to apply. What kind of diet is it actually? And is it effective to help you lose your weight?

What Is Cabbage Diet Soup Actually?

It is believed that diet using cabbage soup has been existed since 1980’s. But it’s started to gain huge popularity in 2017. Just like the name suggest, cabbage diet soup is a weight loss plan that requires all the people who conduct it to eat cabbage soup as their main menu with limited amount during the diet program. Though it is possible for you to have different variation of menus, but the cabbage soup should be the main food. You are supposed to lose at least 10 pounds of weight or even more just within a week if you are discipline in applying the diet program. If you are expected to attend a special event and really need to lose your extra pound of weight in short time because of that, thus this diet plan is really a good solution for you.

The best part about this diet is that you are still allowed to consume different vegetables or fruits for variation of menu and to help you get additional nutrition. But there is one thing you should keep in mind about this diet plan. Though the diet is considered to work well for short term, but you are not suggested to conduct it for longer period. This is because the diet doesn’t provide you with adequate nutrition needed by your body. So, it is relatively unhealthy to apply the diet program for a long period. Moreover, many people believe that conducting diet with only consuming limited amount of cabbage soup is less effective for long term purposes.

Ingredients Needed for the Diet Menu

One thing you should remember that cabbage soup for diet requires you to prepare all the ingredients by yourself since it is not in the form of pre – packaged food or pills you can buy in store. To prepare cabbage soup, there are some basic ingredients that most people use. Those ingredients include green peppers, bouillon, mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions. But, to make the soup more various and tasty, you can add it with celery, onions, asparagus, barley, zucchini, some meats, squash, and the other materials which are suitable for seasoning. You can eat the soup twice or three times each day. To avoid boredom because of the cabbage soup you have to consume every day, you can make some variations of menu. For example, you can try to eat the soup along with fruits, except banana for the first day. Then you can try to have raw vegetable only and add it with one baked potato for the day two. On day three, you are allowed to eat unlimited fruits, the only one you have to avoid is just banana and potato. For the next day, you are suggested to eat 8 bananas along with skimmed milk in unlimited amount. Consuming 6 tomatoes along with 565 gram of beef is the next variation of menu you can try for the fifth day. Then on the sixth day of this cabbage soup diet plan, you are allowed to eat unlimited vegetables added with beef but you must not eat potatoes. Meanwhile, you can eat some brown rice which is completed with fruit juice with no sugar on the seventh day. Applying the diet is quite cheap since there will be only few materials you need to buy to prepare the soup. Though it can be more expensive sometimes because of the quality of the materials you buy. But one thing that makes it really interesting about the diet is that the program you should follow is quite simple.

Side Effects of the Diet

Though consuming unlimited amount of cabbage soup for diet is considered effective to help you lose extra pound of weight in relatively short time, but there is side effect that may come along with the diet. Experts believe that this cabbage soup diet is not suitable if it is conducted for long period. This kind of diet will only suitable for short time purpose only, for example if there is special event such as your wedding party that makes you have to lose your weight fast. Thus this diet will be a good solution. But, if you intend to keep doing it for longer period, then you are suggested to have at least two weeks of break before you begin to do the diet again. Because the diet can help to lose your weight quickly, there might be the feeling of week and hungry in conducting the diet program. This is because the unlimited amount of food you consume during the diet program will make you lose the nutrition that might be needed by your body. Thus, to help you maintain your health, there are some recommendations of rule you need to obey. First, make sure that you consume at least 4 glasses of water each day during the diet program. The second recommendation is that you better consume multivitamin to help your body keeps healthy and strong. The next thing is that you have to make sure to eat much cabbage soup till your stomach is full anytime it is possible. Just remember to not make yourself starving because of the diet. The last thing is you are recommended to change your variation of menu every day to avoid boredom because of the cabbage soup you have to eat. Just follow the rules of this cabbage soup diet carefully since experiencing drastic weight loss in relatively short time might affect your health in the future.