Signs that you have psychic abilities

Have you ever wondered do you have psychic “powers”? Do you think that your intuition is just a coincidence? Do you usually look deeper into your experiences, or do you just ignore them? A lot of people actually have some form of a psychic ability, and we usually find out about it once we become parents.

More than often, people think of black magic or evil when it comes to psychic people. This is, for sure, not true at all. All of us behave psychic sometimes, but most of us don’t even know that we are doing it, we haven’t discovered it yet, or we just ignore the symptoms.

In this article, we highlighted some signs and symptoms that could actually prove that you have some form of a psychic ability. After reading it, you may realize or conclude that you are in fact, a psychic. You just have to know what symptoms you should recognize. Also, you could get an advice by indy psychic network from other psychics.

  1. Intuition level

Have you ever predicted something before it actually happened, who texted you before you even checked it, or even who is giving you a phone call before you actually pick up?

All this represents high levels of intuition. You can tell yourself that you have some sort of a gift. There are more types of intuition, so you can check do any of them resemble you.

  1. Déjà vu experiences

Déjà vu is an experience named for a constant feeling that you’ve already been to places that you have never been to, feeling that you are familiar with things, places, and people that you have never seen.

This is a positive sign of a psychic “powers”.

  1. You have visions

Have you ever had a vision of something that happened three days or even an hour after you experienced a vision? This means that you have some form of a psychic ability too.

Visions may occur while you are awake, but also while you are sleeping, in your dreams. If you are experiencing this, you have a gift.

  1. Perfectly accurate gut feeling

If you are just vividly aware that something is about to happen, this represents a strong sign that you have some form of a psychic power.

  1. Telepathy

Have you ever caught yourself experiencing the thought process of someone else, or that you can send a message to someone without even saying anything? Have you ever experienced a connection with a mind of someone else? If you have a positive answer to these questions, this means that you have telepathic abilities. This, for sure, is a symptom of psychic abilities.

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  1. Psychometry

The ability that allows people to experience or sense the history of an object or a person just by a single touch is called psychometry. The people with this ability simply “know” about objects, people, energies, and people simply by being in a certain place, or by a single touch of someone.

For example, someone with this ability will be able to experience and sense your past with a single touch of your hand. These people are even able to hear sounds, to see images, or even to experience a taste or a smell from your past.

  1. Vivid dreams

If you are a person that experiences very vivid dreams, and if you can remember those dreams in details after you wake up, this means that you have some sort of a psychic ability. Things that happen in this kind of dreams have really deep meanings and can offer a perfect understanding of your life.

Usually, people who experience vivid dreams also experience dreams that reoccur, and these dreams will tell a story that is crucial for a life of an individual.


In case you think that you have some of these abilities, you should not fear, but rather embrace them. Think of these symptoms as gifts and try to teach yourself how to master these abilities so that you are able to use them to the full potential.

Think of your gift as one of the most powerful ones that nature can give you, embrace it and use your gift in order to help other people.