Beginners Guide to Using Aromatherapy

Many people are turning the healing power of essentials oils. This is for the person who does not get all the hype behind the essential oil movement. It’s all in the diffuser and the inhalation of the essential oil. According to an essential oil article, essential oils can be used by a vast variety of people for various ailments. These oils can be inhaled in high concentrations meaning that you are inhaling up to 70 percent of the active molecules.

So, how does this all work? Essential oils used an act referred to as diffusion. What happens during the diffusion process is that heat and water will cause the oil molecules to evaporate. These evaporated oils are then released into the air and are inhaled by you. There are other ways to get the oils evaporated without the use of heat and water. This heat and waterless method is called a nebulizing diffuser.

According to an article, there are a variety of aromatherapy diffusers to choose from. Some of these varieties include: heat diffuser, evaporative diffuser, nebulizer diffuser, and ultrasonic/humidifying diffuser. Diffusers are not only a healthy addition to your home, but they also work to eliminate bad odors from the air. Think of aromatherapy diffusers like candles only safer because there is no flame.

Aromatherapy diffusers work to keep the air in your home smelling fresh by releasing essential oils. If you are newer to this technique than you should look into the nebulizer diffuser. The great thing about the nebulizer diffusers are that they do not need heat or water to work. The nebulizer diffuser creates tiny airborne particles of essential oils and releases them into the air. Simple yet very effective. If you are searching for a diffuser with more bite than try the ultrasonic diffusers. Best thing about ultrasonic diffusers is that they double as a humidifier as well as an aromatherapy diffuser.

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