Common Types of Spine Injuries

Auto accidents may happen even to those who are very careful in driving. And when it happens, seeking the help of a Toledo car accident lawyer is important. Apart from that, knowing how to spot injuries is essential to know what to do at the time of the accident. After all, back, neck and spine injuries are quite common in accidents.

Why are auto accidents dangerous to your spine?

Our spine is the one that supports our weight. It also serves as a protection of our spinal cord. This is the reason why we need to keep our spine healthy and safe. However, it’s not like we can always stay at home. There will be a need for us to go out, which increases our chances of being involved in auto accidents. Sadly, even small impacts can cause misalignments or damage to the spine.

Here are the most common types of spine injuries:

Spinal cord injury

Damage to the spinal cord can either be temporary or permanent. It may cause paralysis in the trunk, legs, arms, and hands due to the muscles in the body losing its function. It also affects the body’s sensation. Some patients who have suffered from spinal injury have also lost control of their bowel movements and had a hard time breathing on their own.

Herniated Disk

Oftentimes, a herniated disc occurs in the lower back and in the neck. It develops when the cushion (disks) located between the vertebrae moves out of its position. As it irritates the nerves nearby, it causes pain and numbness. On the other hand, it is also possible for a person to not experience any herniated disk symptom at all. Also, surgery is not necessary in all cases for there are non-surgical treatments available for a herniated disk.


Whiplash happens during an impact when a force rapidly pushes the head backward and then forward that causes a strain on the neck. As a result, you will experience stiffness in the neck and headaches as well. Due to the impact of the collision, your vision may also appear blurry, and you may also feel a bit dizzy. This is quite common in motorcycle accidents.

Spinal Fractures

If the driver is wearing a seatbelt and their upper body has been thrown forward during the collision, then there is a high chance that the driver will suffer from spinal fractures. A person with a spinal injury will experience pain in the back especially whenever they move their body. This is the reason why it is advised to not move a person with a spinal fracture to prevent the damage to the spine from getting worse. They may also experience numbness.

Final Thoughts

When involved in an auto accident, consult with a physician as soon as spine injuries are observed. Also, it is important to know that, in some cases, its symptoms may be delayed. So, don’t be too confident about it and don’t be afraid to seek medical help before it gets worse and before it’s too late.